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What's on at Broxburn Baptist?

Christianity Explored

This is an opportunity to learn about the basics of the Christian faith. We run courses as required. .For details or to sign up please contact:

Discleship Explored

This course is designed for those who are new to the Christian faith and want to take their christian living forward.  It is also suitable for experienced Christians who want a refresher.

For details or to sign up please contact:

This course shows how all the books, characters and events of the Bible fit together to form one BIG story from Genesis to Revelation. The course has run once and will run again on demand.

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All activities suspended until further notice. Sunday morning worship via zoom at 11.00am. Please contact us for a link. A weekly newsletter is posted on facebook.


Sermon schedule


The resurrection appearances of Jesus.

12th April     1. Easter Day – the road to Emmaus               Luke 24:1-16                                Robert Ferguson

19th April     2. Jesus and Mary Magdalene                        John 20:11-18                              Robert Ferguson

26th April     3. Jesus and the disciples                             Luke 24:36-49                                        Rev Archie Young

3rd May        4. Jesus and Thomas                                     John 20:24-29           ​                             Pastor Donna McCarron-Flynn

10th May       5. Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish      John 21:1-14                                           Rev Jim McFarlane

17th May       6. Jesus and Peter                                         John 21:15-19                                          Robert Ferguson

24th May      7. Ascension Sunday                                       Acts 1:1-11                                              Robert Ferguson

The early years of the church. (Studies in Acts)

31st May       1. Pentecost                                                   Acts 2:1-41                                              Pastor Donna McCarron-Flynn

7th June       2. What is church?                                        Acts 2:42-47                                           Rev Archie Young

14th June      3.  Peter and John and the beggar                 Acts 3:1-10                                            Rev Archie Young

21st June      4. Peter and John address the onlookers.      Acts 3:11-26                                Rev Andy Scarcliffe

28th June     5. Peter and John address the Sanhedrin      Acts 4:1-22                                  Rev Jim McFarlane

5th July        6. The believers pray.                                    Acts 4:23-31                                Pastor Donna McCarron-Flynn

12th July       7. Sharing                                                     Acts 4:32-5:11                              Pastor Donna McCarron-Flynn

19th July       8. Healings                                                     Acts 5:12-16                                Rev Jim McFarlane

26th July      9. Persecution                                                Acts 5:17-42                                Rev Andy Scarcliffe

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