Broxburn Baptist Church 'The Church on Your Doorstep'
Broxburn Baptist Church'The Church on Your Doorstep'


When should I arrive?

The morning service starts at 11.00am. The door of the church is normally open by 10.30 and most folk usually arrive between 10.50 and 11.00 (and sometimes later!!). If you're a bit late don't worry just come in.

What should I wear to your church?

Come however you feel comfortable. No one dresses formally, some casually, whatever you prefer.

Will I be asked to pray?

No. There will be prayer but normally by the leader.

How long does a service last?

Sunday morning worshop services normally last just over an hour. Evening activities about an hour with Family fellowship lasting sa long as anyone wants to stay (You can leave anytime!!)

Will I feel uncomfortable?

We hope not! We are glad to welcome new people. We don’t ask you to read the Bible or pray out loud or anything like that. You are welcome to join in or sit and listen. We’re just glad you’re with us.

What happens at the morning service?

We sing - a mixture of old and new hymns. We are led in prayer by the person taking the service. We read from the Bible and have a talk usually based on the part read (somtimes called the sermon).The sermon lasts about 25mns but varies. The children have a short talk during the service and go out during the sermon to do their own thing. At the end of the service most folk wait to have refreshments.


We are located:

Just off Freeland Avenue, Broxburn.

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